Service Sync

What is it?

Service Sync is a facility service management software.
It is a complimentary, free-of-charge mobile app that can be used to:

Time to make your life easier!

Automates the repetitive tasks of:

  • Contacting service providers (SPs) to initiate work orders
  • Communicating with SPs to track specific issues in specific locations
  • Following-up on completed work

Creates visibility to work flow for all parties:

  • Customized alerts
  • GPS-based check in/out & updates; phone-based IVR also available
  • Mobile application

All common issues are pre-loaded:

  • Define custom drop-down menus for work order creation
  • All location specifics are customized, including on-site equipment
  • Planned Maintenance work orders are automatically generated

Customized User Roles:

  • Users can see 1 location or 1,000
  • Multiple users per location with different rights are supported

Not-To-Exceed cost controls established:

  • By trade
  • Approval process defined for exceptions
  • Can be changed by dedicated management

Provides multiple reporting options:

  • Spend insights by trade & location & equipment type
  • Customized reports available
  • Service Provider score cards
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