What Is Cross-Contamination

Definition: Cross-contamination is the transfer of harmful bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms from one substance or object to another, resulting in potential contamination and foodborne illnesses. This can occur in various settings, especially in food preparation and handling environments. Common pathways for cross-contamination can be from direct contact (contaminated foods or surfaces touch other foods […]

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Types of Commercial Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaning products contain a wide range of compositions tailored to address specific cleaning challenges. There are many things to consider depending on various industries and environments. The most common types: Multi-Surface Cleaners: Versatile cleaners designed to remove dirt, grime, and grease from a variety of surfaces, including countertops, appliances, and fixtures. Disinfectants: Formulated to

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How To Clean Cubicle Walls

Cubicles are a convenient solution for optimizing workspace, providing semi-private workstations and accommodating a largeer number of employees compared to traditional office setups. However, unlike painted walls, cubicle walls cannot be easily cleaned with only a wet cloth. Typically constructed from fabric, cubicle walls tend to accumulate dust, dirt, germs, and other particles. This is

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How To Efficiently Manage Janitorial Office Supplies

8 Tips On Proactively & Efficiently Manage Janitorial Office Supplies Managing office supplies efficiently in relation to janitorial services involves several key strategies: 1. Inventory Management System Implement an inventory management system specifically for janitorial supplies. Keep track of stock levels, reorder points, and usage patterns to ensure that supplies are always available when needed.

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Top Complaints About Inexperienced Commercial Cleaning Companies

The 7 Mistakes Inexperienced Cleaning Companies Make In the niche of commercial cleaning services, the quality of service can significantly impact the atmosphere and functionality of a business space. Unfortunately, inexperienced cleaning companies may inadvertently introduce a range of issues. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the prevalent mistakes and top complaints associated with

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Warehouses Need Love Too!

A lesser-known service that is often overlooked is cleaning large warehouses…knocking dust down from the racking & walls, picking up debris, cleaning pallet positions, and scrubbing floors. In addition, cleaning plastic order transfer tubs, and related office spaces. And certain equipment can be needed. Even in a facility that you would describe as a clean

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Staying Current

We are very thankful that many industry leading companies provide ongoing education to help us keep our knowledge base updated. For example, we recently completed the Certified Disinfection Specialist criteria in Spartan’s Clean Check program. It’s really great that this group, and others, similarly use their resources to share the information they develop and gather.

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Could I get a little help here?

We often meet clients because of their interest in commercial cleaning or disinfection.  This makes sense because nearly every business needs these services, especially in the pandemic era.  As we get to know our clients better, it turns out there are usually a number of other facility-related needs that are sapping time and focus from

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