Striving For Continuous Disinfection

With the pandemic onset, business owners and managers’ concerns with keeping facilities as safe as possible have rightly heightened. Unfortunately, along with the pandemic has come a flood of conflicting information/misinformation about best strategies.

There are many providers offering “disinfection services” ranging from traditional hand spray & wipe to fogging, zapping, and other mechanical application devices. Disinfection is good thing as evidenced by guidelines from health agencies such as the CDC. There are some inherent limitations to disinfection that should be acknowledged however:

  • Proper application and dwell times must be followed for disinfectants to be effective. This varies by product but if you see someone spray on a disinfectant and immediately wipe it back down, the odds are this is not providing much help.

  • When disinfectants are applied, their effective life span is usually quite short…in many cases seconds to hours (despite some outlandish claims to the contrary in the market). So, if your crew disinfects at night, chances are by mid-morning your building occupants are being exposed again.

  • Some have expressed concern that chemical disinfectant methods promote mutations that pose greater threats than those faced initially.

So, what is the best strategy one can employ? We suggest striving for continuous disinfection.

We offer MicroShield 360, an antimicrobial coating system that combines multiple stages to address many of the concerns expressed earlier. After a thorough cleaning, our first stage is to apply MicroShield 360 RENEW, an EPA registered disinfectant that kills human coronavirus, among other things. We apply MicroShield 360 products with electrostatic sprayers that minimize human error in coverage of complex surfaces. Next, we apply MicroShield 360 antimicrobial coating which imparts a long-lasting biostatic activity between your normal cleanings. MicroShield 360 is EPA registered and FDA approved for food contact surfaces. It has been approved for use in thousands of facility/surface combinations. Typically, MicroShield 360 clients have their service repeated annually.

Is continuous disinfection for you? We would be happy to explore the concept with you in greater detail. Please contact us for more detailed information, questions, concerns, budgeting, or any other support you might need.

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