Pets Deserve Quality Disinfection At Animal Care Providers

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So much focus is on COVID-19 at this time, and rightly so. Along with the human victims of the pandemic, we are also learning of pets contracting the virus. Beyond that, animals face potential harm on a number of additional fronts. OIE, The World Organization for Animal Health, lists 24 diseases, infections, & infestations that threaten “multiple species” on its 2020 watch list. Just like people, animals depend on their care providers to keep facilities clean and safe from surface cross contamination transmission.

There are multiple strategies for animal care providers to meet this challenge:

Deep clean and disinfection treatments can help give a facility a new start. Removing debris and disinfecting the surfaces of your facility greatly reduces the opportunity for cross contamination transmission from one animal to another. System4 has experience providing these services in animal care environments.

Regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfection programs can help maintain the environment achieved in a deep clean and disinfection service.

Antimicrobial coating systems, such as our MicroShield 360, provide ongoing protection between regular cleanings. There are multiple choices in this realm, but most require reapplication on a very frequent basis. MicroShield 360 clients typically only reapply once per year which reduces a lot of disruption. Be sure that any antimicrobial coating system you consider is properly registered. For example, MicroShield 360 is EPA registered and FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces.

A program including all three of these elements represents providing a high level of care for animal patients and visitors. If you have questions or would like help designing a facility care program, please reach out to us here or call our office at 210-858-7674.

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