Better Disinfection For Restaurants

Clean restaurant with a busy staff preparing food

In these uncertain times, most businesses are facing difficult choices. This is especially true for our clients in the restaurant segment. Not only do they have to work through normal business considerations of cash flow and profitability, but they must do so while balancing the safety requirements for food preparation, dining areas, staff, and customers.

Disinfection programs can complicate this further as many products are not approved for use in food contact areas. Disinfectants and sanitizers that are approved do not likely provide protection that lasts beyond when they are applied. This results in a situation where restaurant staff must be disinfecting on a near-constant basis while hoping that a missed spray or wipe doesn’t leave a surface vulnerable.

Simple sprays & sanitizers like Windex won’t protect your surfaces for more than a couple of hours, that’s why we implement our intensive restaurant sanitation program to keep you & your customer safe.

Fortunately, our MicroShield 360 antimicrobial coating program can provide ongoing additional protection for your surfaces between disinfection cycles. MicroShield 360 is not only EPA registered but it is FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces—allowing its use throughout your facility.

This system is implemented in multiple stages. Following a thorough cleaning, our first stage is to apply MicroShield 360 RENEW, an EPA registered disinfectant that kills human coronavirus, among other things. We apply MicroShield 360 products with electrostatic sprayers that minimize human error in coverage of complex surfaces. Next, we apply MicroShield 360 antimicrobial coating which imparts a long-lasting biostatic activity between your normal cleanings. By long-lasting we mean that MicroShield 360 clients typically have their service repeated annually. Finally, we provide marketing assets (in-store display items as well as social media tie-ins) that help you tell the story of how you go the extra mile to protect your customers, staff, and visitors.

The technology in our MicroShield 360 program can help restaurant managers reduce one set of worries, allowing them more time on all the others. Contact us for more information on this exciting new service!

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